P.I.T.T. ~ Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa

Tulsa's Haunted Memories

Learn all about Tulsa's most haunted!  Published in 2010, Tulsa's Haunted Memories is a compilation of Tulsa history and the ghosts that roam 'America's Most Beautiful City'.  Home of the largest race riot in United States History, Tulsa has some secrets that have been hidden for far too long and the ghosts of those secrets have a lot to say.  Tulsa's Haunted Memories explores the forgotten history and lost folklore of Tulsa's intriguing past.  Once known as the oil capital of the world, Tulsa also tells of a time when ruthlessness and lawlessness ruled the city.  Discover these places and stories that have left their ghostly impressions on Tulsa! 

Published by Arcadia Publishing - America's largest publisher of history books in the United States.  Available locally at places like Ida Reds, Tulsa Little Theatre, Sams, Walgreens, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million and several gift shops around town.  Also available on Amazon and through the publisher.  You can pretty much find the book everywhere!


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