P.I.T.T. ~ Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa

Tulsa Spirit Tours

Tulsa Spirit Tours were founded in 2003.  Originally named Tulsa Ghost Tour, it was constructed by Teri French as a way to educate the public on Tulsa's historically haunted past.  The tour was meant to be a one time event however Teri was inundated with calls and e-mails inquiring about the next tour.  She hosted a few more and the tours are still going strong today and have become a Tulsa tradition.  

Through the years, Teri has changed the tour several times to keep it interesting and keep new information and locations available to the public.  Today the tour has grown significantly to include a walking tours, pub crawls, out of state adventures and more in addition to the ever popular bus tour.  Teri has a lot of repeat customers because no two tours are ever the same.  Tulsa Spirit Tours gives a historically accurate account of what life was like when Tulsa was the 'wild west'.  A time of cowboys and outlaws as black gold lined the streets of Tulsey town.  Not only do you get to experience the history that Tulsa was when it was lawless and unruly, you also get to hear first hand accounts of when the P.I.T.T. team investigated the locations you visit on the tour.  Something very unique about Tulsa Spirit Tours is that we play you actual EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) that the P.I.T.T. team captured while investigating these locations.  Hearing these creepy recordings will send shivers down your spine and give you a 3-D like experience on the tour!  No other tour in the country plays you actual field material gained during a paranormal investigation as part of a regular on-going tour. 

Tulsa Spirit Tours were featured on Discover Oklahoma and in a special publication of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine as a premiere destination for Ghost Tours!  We were also featured on OETA as well as several other local and national television shows.  The tour sells out every year by word of mouth.  If you haven't been on a Tulsa Spirit Tour, get your tickets now and see what all the hoopla is about!!  

Check out the video segment about Tulsa Spirit Tours as featured on the TV show Explore Tulsa!  This tour was a private one conducted in April of 2013 to a group of travelers from Florida visiting Tulsa for the first time.  It was great to show visitors from out of state the colorful history that Tulsa calls her own! 

Visit the Tulsa Spirit Tour website for current schedule, times, itinerary, FAQ's and more!

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